Washing Machine Repairs At Adelaide Appliance Gallery

Washing machines can break down due to many factors. They are after all, one of the most used appliances in the home. What what you may not realise is that often much of the wear and tear your washing machine goes through could actually be avoided and the life of your machine extended.

Here at Adelaide Appliance Gallery, we not only sell washing machines, but we also service them. In fact, servicing is a huge part of our business. We see hundreds and hundreds of washing machines every month and many of the repairs we do can be avoided.

If your washing machine is jumping around, making strange noises, not cleaning your clothes or doing any other strange things in your laundry then it may be suffering from one of these issues.

Overheated motor

When the motor of your washing machine, overheats, it can cause the machine to break down. One of the indications of an overheated motor is an automatic shutdown for it to cool down. When this kind of incident happens one or two times, you can restart and start it up again. However, when the motor of your washing machine overheats regularly, it is time to search for the fault. In these situations is always best to organise a repair sooner rather than later because the fault may be repairable. Leaving it too long will burn-out your motor and you will then need to replace it.

Clogged hose

Another common cause of breakdowns that occur in washing machines is a clogged hose. When you notice that water is not draining from your washer as it should, then there is something wrong. In this situation, the simplest thing you can do is to detach the hose and inspect it thoroughly for any clogs. Lint, hair and tissues are all big culprits. If you are able to detach the hose then you can take it off and run some clean water through it to try and loosen the blockage.

Foreign objects

Many items can find themselves between the machine tub and the basket. If items like coins, socks or even pens lodge in the washer pump, it will not allow the washer to drain as usual. Sometimes, the draining of the water may stop entirely. When such a situation occurs, open the washing machine cabinet and remove the item that is causing the obstruction. If you can’t find the source then its best to call a repairer to professionally investigate.

Too many clothes in one load

Every washing machine at Adelaide Appliance Gallery has its own specified drum capacity. If you want to handle a large number of clothes all the time, make sure that you pick a washing machine that can carry the load. If you keep overloading your washing machine, it will result in an inevitable breakdown.

One of the signs of an overloaded washing machine is the inability to spin or agitate. When you notice this problem, simply adjust your load while the machine is cycling. Overstuffing your machine will also mean that your clothes do not get cleaned properly because there is not enough space for the water and suds to pass through.


This is not a serious issue because the solution is rather simple. When you use hot water in your washing machine, it can make use of less detergent. On the other hand, using cold water that is also hard can require a large quantity of detergent thereby leading to sudsing problems. Many detergents are actually not designed to be used in cold water so the enzymes don’t even activate in a cold wash.

When you notice that your washing machine is leaking, try to reduce the amount of detergent you are using, and it will stop.

Another big detergent problem we see in the Adelaide Appliance Gallery repair centre is the use of low-quality detergents which lead to residue build up deep inside the motor. A bad quality detergent can actually erode your washing machine! Because of this, we developed our own range of laundry detergents, Power of 4.

Dirty dispenser/incorrect product

If you don’t want to experience problems with the way your washer dispenses detergent, make sure that your dispenser is always clean. If it is dirty, you can be sure to experience difficulties with your dispenser. This problem is usually common with detergent dispensers that are automatic. It’s also important to keep it clean to avoid mould build up.

There are other causes of washing machine breakdown, but these few are the common culprits. If you’re unsure then please feel free to contact us for information or to arrange an onsite service. You can also purchase the Power of 4 range online or in store. You can also visit the Adelaide Appliance Gallery Showroom today for more information and advice