Start the New Year with a new coffee machine for your Adelaide home or office. With all the coffee machine models in the market today, how could you choose? To help you out, here is a list of the best coffee machines in 2020:


Jura | E6


These sleek and stylish coffee machines are an excellent choice for serious coffee fans. You can hook it up to your smartphone via Bluetooth or use Jura’s mobile app to control the coffee machine. The Pulse Extraction Process (PEP) rushes hot water through the coffee to pre-infuse it. This allows for faster extraction in half the time.

The E6 automatic coffee machines have three levels of hot water temperature and eight programmable coffee strengths levels. With 1.9 litres water capacity and 280 g bean capacity, these coffee machines are suitable for your small Adelaide office or busy household. 


Jura | E8


With just a touch of a button, you can adjust your coffee brew strength. The LED screen on these coffee machines will guide you through the whole process. It will also inform you about what is going on with your coffee. 

These stylish coffee machines come with two spouts and a built-in frother. They make all kinds of coffee drinks, even flat whites. You can now enjoy a delicious cup of coffee at your Adelaide house with your coffee-loving buddy. 


Miele | 11165420 | Cva 7845


If you are looking for the best built-in coffee machines for your Adelaide kitchen or office, look no further. With the CVA 7845 model, Miele showed how coffee making could get better. These coffee machines have an on-board supply of up to three different types of beans. Each cup of coffee is brewed separately, without any cross blending.

The AutoClean and AutoDescale have exclusively patented Miele features. With these features, you can forget the hassle of having to clean your coffee machine and degrease the brew unit. These coffee machines also feature a water supply connection. So you will not have to keep filling the water tank. 

With 25 different drink specialities, including tea, these coffee machines are an excellent choice for your Adelaide office or large household. The Miele mobile app allows you to switch the device on, start coffee preparation, and check the machine care status. 

At Adelaide Appliance Gallery, we have the best range of coffee machines in the market today. You can choose between fully automated coffee machines with all the extra features. If you prefer to add a more personal touch to your cup of coffee, we do also have simpler models that grant you more control.

Our sales staff is extensively trained in the range of coffee machines we stock. They can help you find the perfect coffee machine for your needs and Adelaide kitchen or office designs.

Taste every single possible type of coffee our coffee machine models can create before you make a decision. Visit our Adelaide showroom today!