With the New Year, many Adelaide homeowners get into a cleaning frenzy. Usually, household appliances get left behind. By not cleaning your washing machine, dishwasher, oven and other appliances, you are just allowing the germs to thrive in there. In the long run, this could also affect the performance of the machine. It could also lead to serious problems and even breakdowns. 

Washing machines usually just require in-home cleaning and maintenance. However, with severe problems, you should call a professional maintenance and repairs service. 

Here are some quick and easy things you could do to keep your Adelaide washing machine clean and prevent potential issues:


Always Use Suitable Detergents


When it comes to detergents and fabric softeners, less is always better. Regular detergents produce many suds. Over time, it could build up a film on the drum and hoses of washing machines. This could lead to mechanical and even electronic damage to your Adelaide washing machine.

High-efficiency washing machines use less water. They cannot effectively rinse out regular detergents. Therefore, you should only use the detergents specially made for high-efficiency washing machines.


Monthly Washing Machine Cleaning Session


Without regular cleaning, washing machines can become a breeding environment for germs. That is why it is recommended to do a service wash once a month for washing machines. It is essential to keep your Adelaide washing machine in top shape for years to come.

Just pour a cup of distilled white vinegar into the detergent dispenser and run an empty load on the hottest cycle. It will sanitize the basin and kill any germs in your Adelaide washing machine. For front-loading washing machines, it is also recommended to keep the door open between washes to let the interior dry.


Call a Professional for Serious Issues


High-quality washing machines are carefree appliances. However, you should still always check for signs to find out if something is wrong. Catching minor issues on time is critical. Otherwise, they could turn into significant problems.

Some issues with your Adelaide washing machine are beyond regular cleaning. They will require professional repair. Leaks, for example, can cause shorts in the electrical parts of washing machines. Unusual, strange noises can indicate that something is wrong with your Adelaide washing machine.

At Adelaide Appliance Gallery, we offer advice on how to maintain your appliances and ensure they remain in top shape. Our customers can always call us or visit our Adelaide showroom for support. If required, we will send one of our technicians to your Adelaide house to service the appliance there.

We are also warranty agents for all the washing machines and other appliances we sell. Just give us a call, and we will make the service arrangements on your behalf. We use full-time, in-house technicians to get your appliance repaired and running in no time. 

Get high-quality washing machines and an after-sales service you can rely on. Visit our Adelaide showroom today!