The Right Coffee Blend For Your Jura Coffee Machine

If you are a coffee lover, then you probably have your favourite brand and blend of coffee. Perhaps you’re a single origin person, or perhaps you prefer your coffee beans from Ethiopia. Whatever your preference a coffee machine from Jura will help bring your perfect blend to life. So how do you choose the right coffee blend to make the most of your Jura coffee machine?

How to Choose the Right Blend:

You can get your ideal coffee blend at home with a little coaching and with the proper Jura equipment. There are certain things that you should consider if you want to get your ideal blend.

Such as:
The region from which the coffee beans come from

The region your beans are from will significantly affect the coffee flavour. For example, if a coffee bean comes from Kenya, the brew will be bright and fruity. On the other hand, if the seed comes from Colombia, the result will be a slightly acidic and a nutty brew. Other popular coffee regions include Ethiopian, Sumatran, Jamaican and Brazilian.

The roast of your coffee beans

Another vital factor that you should consider is selecting the roast of the coffee beans. If you want a sharp kick in your cup, you should go for dark roasts. However, if what you want is to preserve your coffee origin’s flavour, then you need a lighter roast.

So what if you like a range of different roasts and regions? Then you make your own blend of course!

How to make your own coffee blend:

Things you will need

Choose your ideal coffee beans
A scoop or spoon for measurement
A Jura Coffee Machine
A coffee grinder
filtered water
A medium sized mixing bowl
A notepad

What to do

The first thing you need to do is to measure out the coffee beans for your base. Then write down the amount you used of each bean in your notepad. This method will help you to remember the amount you used so you can replicate it again if it’s really good.

Repeat the above capping out at 3-4 different types of beans. If you blend too many beans together you will lose the individual flavours.

You can now proceed to pour the beans into your grinder to grind them into your desired size. The size is determined by the coffee machine.

Monitor the grinding so that you will know when it reaches the level you like. Also, make sure that you do the grind in accordance to your coffee brewer’s specifications.

You can then bring in the water and start brewing the coffee to your ideal blend with your favourite Jura. Don’t forget to jot down what you observed during the Coffee Blend. When you keep track of your coffee blend, it will help you master the craft.

We recommend you only grind a week’s worth of coffee beans at a time to avoid your coffee going stale. Some people also choose to keep their coffee in the fridge to help keep fresh. In this case, make sure that the container is well sealed to avoid any fridge smells contaminating the coffee.

Creating your perfect blend is easy and pretty fun. There are lots of great coffee shops around Adelaide and you can even pop into the Adelaide Central Market to find out more about coffee beans. With a Jura coffee machine from Adelaide Appliance Gallery and your perfect coffee blend you will be set!

We can teach you how to make the perfect Jura coffee brew, simply pop in and see us at the Adelaide Appliance Gallery Showroom.