With so many kitchen appliances in the market today, choosing the best stove top for your Adelaide house could be tricky. You need to select a stovetop that is convenient for your cooking habits and lifestyle. It also has to complement the design of your Adelaide kitchen.

At Adelaide Appliance Gallery, we offer the best range of high-quality stovetops. To help you find a match here is more information to guide you:

Induction Stovetops

If you have curious children or pets in your Adelaide house, and safety is one of your primary concerns, then choose induction stovetops. The surface of these stovetops does not get hot, even when you are cooking on it. That is why it is also safe for inexperienced cooks. They are less likely to burn themselves using induction stovetops.

For messy cooks, induction stovetops are the ideal choice. Their smooth surface is effortless to clean. Induction stovetops are also more energy-efficient than gas or electric ones.

The Miele | 11230270 | induction stovetops have full-surface induction to give you maximum flexibility on where to place your cookware. It can take up to six pans. With the Intelligent Pan Recognition feature, the control elements of these stovetops move according to where the pans are placed on the stovetop.

Electric Stovetops

These stovetops have a sleek and modern design that will blend seamlessly with the rest of your Adelaide kitchen. The smooth surface of electric stovetops is easy to clean. However, unlike induction stovetops, their surface gets hot, while cooking.

The Neff | T11D41X2 | electric stovetops have space for large pots and pans thanks to their 210 mm two-ring cooking zone. These stovetops also feature a child safety lock option, which prevents unintentional switch-on. You can also set a timer to switch-off the cooking zone, after a selected amount of time.

Gas Stovetops

For experienced cooks who like precise temperature changes and even cooking, gas stovetops are the best choice. Their flames are always visible. They give you a feel of the current heat level. If your Adelaide house suffers from regular power outages, then gas stovetops could be a lifesaver. They will continue to operate, even if the power is out.

The Asko | HG1145AD | Volcano gas stovetops come with a wok cooking feature. It provides intense heat, a dedicated burner, and targeted flame. This is very similar to what experienced Asian chefs use. 

Special Stovetops

If you do not want to install a range hood in your Adelaide kitchen, a downdraft cooktop will solve this problem for you. The Neff | T58TS6BN0 | flexinduction stovetops come with integrated downdraft ventilation. This small vent between the burners works just like a rangehood. 

For those who cannot decide, you can choose the best stove top with multi surfaces. The Bertazzoni | PM361IGX | stovetops come with one gas burner, one electric stainless steel griddle and two induction areas.

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