Kitchens and Laundry Appliances

ASKO appliances, for both cooking and laundry, bring an elegant element of functionality into each home. Featuring clean and precise lines that have become the hallmark of Scandinavian designs, the products created by this brand are meant to improve your quality of life. By contrast with other names, ASKO aims for a decluttered space that is almost taken out of a minimalist magazine -where a soft, elementary and modest design takes over.

Combine these characteristics with understated elegance and top-rated craftsmanship, and you will understand ASKO’s concept. We stock a huge range of Asko appliances and have them proudly on display in our Adelaide showroom.

These are a few of the features you can expect to see from the Asko kitchen and laundry appliance range.

Whether you’re a master chef or a mere newbie in the kitchen, a cooktop will always play an imperative role in kitchen design. ASKO offers cooktops available in a wide selection of sizes and materials, including black glass, stainless steel, and even anthracite to compliment your kitchen design.  Moreover, you can pick between gas, induction, and ceramic, or a combination of at least two of them. For example, the Duo Fusion unit is capable of offering you the best of both worlds –four bridge induction zones, along with a gas burner. Your preferred style of cooking can be met with an Asko kitchen appliance.

Featuring robust designs and flexible storage capabilities ASKO refrigerators can withstand Australian summer days keeping your beers cold and ready for any football events, while adding style to your kitchen.

Whether you’re looking for a range hood to act as a style statement piece in your kitchen, or whether you’d like to conceal it and minimize the space as much as possible with a slimline look, there are multiple ASKO range hoods to choose from. We have several Asko rangehoods on display in our Adelaide Appliance Gallery showroom.

Built-in ovens have the capacity of bringing a classic elegance into your kitchen, especially since they seamlessly combine with your already-existing design. Of course, you can play around and experiment with multiple layouts and patterns –personalizing your cooking space as you deem fit to design your perfect kitchen.


Asko Laundry Appliances

Washing Machines
By contrast with other names in the laundry market, ASKO washing machines shy away from rubber seals inside the unit. This SmartSeal technology can benefit you in many ways, including minimizing the risk of detergent residue, reducing cleaning times, and stopping potential leaks flooding your laundry. There are other advantages to consider as well, including:

Quattro mode
The washing machines are equipped with four shock-absorbing legs that reduce vibration and keep operations in your laundry quiet, particularly useful for families with young babies.

Featuring sensors designed to save both water and electricity by automatically detecting the overall size of the load, the washing machines can adjusts its capabilities accordingly.

The feature makes use of paddles which separate out dirt and gravel -all while giving your clothes a gentler wash depending on their material.

Tumble Dryers
Taking inspiration from industrial units, ASKO tumble dryers make use of an innovative one-way tumbling process. One of the main features that will peak your interest is the Butterfly Drying system.

Don’t you just hate having your clothes bundled up and damaged in the drying process? It also makes getting your laundry done that much harder! Hanging your clothes outside in the Adelaide weather can also be difficult. Well, this method ensures that won’t happen, all while keeping your clothes dry, fresh, and clean. Among other notable characteristics, you have the:

Double lint filter
The ASKO tumble dryers are designed to eliminate any lint –ensuring that your unit remains durable and efficient, even after years of use. Your Asko dryer will sit proudly in your laundry for years to come.

The dryer is capable to detecting when your clothes are fully dry and then automatically switching off. Not only will this save a pretty penny, but it’s further environmentally-friendly too. This feature also extends the life of the dryer and saves you from having to re-kit your laundry as often.

Reversible door
Unlike other products on the market, the ASKO tumble dryers are equipped with hinges which can be switched between right and left –ideal for all laundry layouts.