Cooking appliances don’t just help you out in the kitchen. They make everyday chores much easier, especially with all the recent innovations. Imagine how hard cooking would be, without a stove or a microwave!

Below we’ve listed the appliances that are a must in any Adelaide kitchen to ensure the ultimate cooking experience! Keep reading to find out more:


To cook a basic hot meal in your Adelaide kitchen, you need a cooktop. For decades, these cooking appliances came in two basic options: gas or electric. Recently, a third option became available for your Adelaide kitchen: induction cooktops.

Gas stoves give you instant heat and more precise control over the cooking temperature. However, these cooking appliances are difficult to clean. Unlike electric or ceramic cooktops, which will not heat up or cool down quickly. Their flat surface though makes them easy to clean.

To get the best of both worlds, choose an induction cooktop. These cooking appliances combine the smooth, clean surface of electric cooktops with the instant, easy to control temperatures of a gas stove. Their quick heat and cool functions also make them energy efficient. That is why they have recently become one of the most popular cooking appliances.

If you like trying out new cooking styles and exotic recipes, you should choose a gas or induction cooktop. For more basic, everyday meal preparation, an electric or ceramic cooktop could be a better fit.


Similar to cooktops, ovens also come in gas, electric, steam ranges and recently with self-cleaning options. Gas ovens do not distribute the heat evenly. Additionally, for some types of dishes, the air inside can be too moist. This type of cooking appliances works best for roasting food.

On the other hand, baking is where electric ovens excel. These ovens heat consistently and more evenly. You will not need to rotate the food to cook it evenly. That is why many gas cooktops come with an electric oven to give you the best cooking results.

For a healthier lifestyle, choose a steam oven. It cooks food faster while retaining essential nutrients. Recently, pyrolytic or self-cleaning ovens have become extremely popular. These cooking appliances have the capacity to get up to around 500°C to incinerate any food residue on the oven walls and turn it into ash. It can be easily wiped away afterwards, with just a damp cloth.


They are easy to operate and heat the food just in seconds. That is why they are probably the most used kitchen appliances. The new combi models are so versatile, they can replace conventional ovens. These cooking appliances can perform all basic microwave tasks, in addition to grilling, baking and much more. Usually, microwaves are compact by design. However, if this combi microwave will replace your conventional oven, it is advisable to get a larger size.

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