Dishwashers are the best time, effort, and energy-saving appliances. Getting your dishes cleaned in your Adelaide dishwasher uses far less water and electricity than washing them by hand. To get the most out of dishwashers, you have to load them correctly. 

Loading dishwashers is not a difficult task. However, not everybody knows how to do it properly:


Never Stack Items Together


If you stack your dishes above each other, the water spray will not be able to reach them. The best dishwashers loading rule is: if the water cannot reach an item, it will not get cleaned. Therefore, you should never overload your Adelaide dishwasher. Make sure always to keep all the dishes separated and accessible to the water.


Insert Bowls and Plates onto the Bottom Rack 


To get your plates perfectly cleaned, their dirty side should be facing the source of the water spray. They should be angled down. The water source is usually at the centre of the rack. Never place flat pans or plates at the front, near the door of your Adelaide dishwasher. They could block the dispenser from opening and getting the detergent out. 


Put the Utensils in the Flatware Basket


To ensure the spoons will not nest together, place some with their handles up and others down. For your safety, put sharp knives with their blades down. Make sure all the utensils are distributed loosely inside the basket. When unloading dishwashers, utensils should be carefully grabbed by their handles to stay clean. 


Place Glasses and Cups at the Top 


When placing cups inside the dishwashers, try to angle them as much as possible. Otherwise, the water could pool on their base. If you still find puddles on them at the end, unload the bottom rack of your Adelaide dishwasher first. It will help you avoid getting any drips on the plates below the cups.


Secure All Plastic Items on the Top Rack


Most dishwashers have their heating element at the bottom. Therefore, try to place any plastic items at the top. Otherwise, they could melt or warp if they got too close to the heat source. 


Make Sure Spinning Arms Are Moving Freely


Before running your Adelaide dishwasher, make sure no obstacles are blocking the tubes or sprayers. Check also that the detergent cups can fully open. 

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