Washing dirty laundry is a mundane task you cannot escape. Nothing else can ease this burden for you better than a reliable washing machine could, and that’s what makes these appliances so indispensable in the kitchen.


However, washing machines are also one of the hardest home appliances you could shop for as they come in a wide variety of sizes, capacities, and features – too many to choose from!

To buy the best washing machine for your Adelaide household, there is much more to consider than how well it cleans. Here are some essential aspects to look for when choosing washing machines:

 Low Noise Level


Loud washing machines can be a nightmare for your Adelaide household. The average volume of washing machines is measured in decibels (dB). The higher the dB, the louder the washing machine will be. To make sure your Adelaide washing machine will not be noisy, look for features such as brushless or inverter motors and anti-vibration systems.

The Asko | W4086P.W.AU washing machines come with durable brushless motor and Quattro Construction for vibration-free spinning. With noise levels of only 77dB maximum, you will know the washing machine is working, but without much disturbance in your Adelaide house. 

These washing machines have SteelSeal doors. They have eliminated the typical rubber door seals for a more hygienic wash. That is why it has been approved for the Asthma Council Sensitive Choice endorsement.


Water and Energy Efficiency


Front loading washing machines use way less water than top-loading ones. A highly efficient washing machine can reduce the water and electricity consumption of your Adelaide household significantly. 

The Siemens | WM14W440AU washing machines have a 5 Star Water Rating (WELS). They come with an intelligent sensor system. This smart waterPerfect Plus water management system grants you maximum water efficiency. It will not only detect the type of fabric you are washing, but also the load size. The system will accordingly determine the required amount of water precisely. 


Tough on Stains Gentle on Fabrics


The most essential feature of all washing machines is to clean your laundry. Clothes come in all types of fabrics and stains have different characteristics. Therefore, the best washing machines should be able to handle all of these differences. Some washing machines have special stain-removal programs, such as pre-soaking cycles and sanitizing cycles.

The Miele | 11006000 washing machines are very gentle on garments. The Honeycomb drum has a hexagonal sculptured surface that allows clothes to glide gently on a thin film of water. With twenty-eight special wash programmes, you will wash any type of clothes conveniently. The wash program for shirts prevents creasing. There is even a program for feathers. It will gently wash down-filled textiles, such as jackets and pillows, and ensure they remain fluffy and stay in shape.

At Adelaide Appliance Gallery, you will find the best range of high-quality washing machines. Our team of salespeople are professionally trained on all of our laundry appliances. They will help you choose the best washing machine for your Adelaide household.

Buying a reliable washing machine has never been easier. Visit our Adelaide showroom today!