Once upon a time, dryers were noisy and ugly cubes which would take up a lot of laundry space. Nowadays you can find more energy-efficient and more compact alternatives which have boosted and changed the dryer market for the better. Here at Adelaide Appliance Gallery we have a huge range of dryers on display and many of them are functional –  you can even bring in some washing of your own to test it out!

Equipped with new and exciting features, levels of functionality and versatility, these improved versions have more attractive designs which will make you feel bad for stashing them in the basement or hiding them in a cupboard. Here are our 7 tips to consider when purchasing a new dryer.


1.    Decide Between a Gas or Electric Dryer

In comparison to electric dryers, gas units can substantially help you save money on your electricity bills. The downside, however, is that you will need to install a gas line to your laundry in order to make it work. Nonetheless, if you have a family of four or more, or if you use your dryer quite a few times per week, then the outlay of a gas model might be a wise and convenient alternative.

Electric dryers will have a more budget-friendly price tag, but you will still need to account for energy costs and any installation processes which may happen along the way. If you have solar power connected to your house then purchasing an electric dryer may be a more cost effective option.


2.    Choose the right size

Purchasing a stand-alone dryer to complement your existing washing machine can be a bit of a painful process. If you go too small you won’t be able to do a full load in one cycle. In comparison, going too big will mean that each cycle will slowly but surely burn away your hard-earned cash and wear out your machine. Always consider the long term cost as well as the immediate cost.


3.    Break out the measuring tape

Settled on a size? Excellent, because now it’s time to ensure that it will fit in your kitchen or laundry room. It’s critical to measure the space and allow for a bit of room on each side –for pipes around the back and heat clearance. Failing to do so can cause severe health and safety hazards, including a fire which could endanger your whole family. Do your measurements before heading into our Payneham Road showroom and we can show you the dryers that fit your space.


4.    Ask about Drum Size

It may surprise you to know that large-capacity dryers are a lot more energy-efficient since they take less time to dry your clothes than small and compact dryers do. With a capacity of around 7 to 9kg, these freestanding machines are great even for larger households. Here at Adelaide Appliance Gallery We have a range of different sizes on display and can explain all the features to you.


5.    Ensure you know your budget

It’s easier for both you and your peace of mind to decide on what your budget is before going all-in. As a general rule of thumb, dryers range from $400 to $1100, and the ones with must-have features are between $300 and $700.

If you are replacing an old version of your dryer rather than investing in stylish high-tech features with enhanced control panels and stainless steel drums may not be the right option for you. Our in store specialists can help you identify your key needs.

If dryer cost is a consideration, always choose features which matter most to you – ensuring that you don’t exceed your budget.


6.    Buy an extended warranty

Due to innovations in dryer technology, the price has substantially changed in comparison to ten years ago. Nonetheless, warranties have more or less stayed the same, depending on the manufacturer and seller.

If you are purchasing a high-end model which costs an arm and a leg, then you may want to consider an extended warranty –for your peace of mind. Be mindful of any dryer servicing available in the area as well, ensuring that technicians are fully qualified for your particular dryer’s make and model. If your machine ends up needing a bit of extra love remember we also offer an onsite repair service.


7.    Is Going Green important for you?

Not many homeowners are aware that dryers account for more than 10% of their household power consumption. All dryers have an energy consumption rating so you can make an informed decision and choose the best dryer for the environment and your hip pocket.

A dryer is a great investment to save you time and money, come and visit the Adelaide Appliance Gallery showroom on Payneham Road St Peters, Adelaide.