Most people think dishwashers are self-cleaning throughout their wash cycles. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Over time, food debris, grease, undissolved detergent and water minerals can build up inside your Adelaide dishwasher. If not cleaned properly, these build-ups can cause serious damage to dishwashers.

These easy-to-follow tips will help you keep your Adelaide dishwasher running smoothly:

Regular Descaling

In Adelaide, the water is particularly hard; it is rich in minerals. Hard water creates mineral deposits in the dishwashers. Detergents also do not work effectively in hard water. This will cause additional detergent build-up.

Without regular descaling, the performance of your Adelaide dishwasher will deteriorate. Our Power of 4 Descaler is designed to breakdown and remove build-ups within dishwashers and washing machines. Using it every three months will clean your Adelaide dishwasher in places you cannot even see.

Hot Water Washing

Regular low-temperature washing, allows bacteria to form on the bottom of your Adelaide dishwasher. Therefore, it is recommended to use a hot temperature programme every five to ten washing cycles. A 65-70 degrees cycle also ensures that any food, detergent or grease residue is dislodged and washed away.

Quality Detergent And Rinse Aid

Not all detergents will work effectively in the hard water of Adelaide. That is why we have developed our own dishwashing detergent. The Power of 4 Dishwashing Powder will boost your cleaning results at any temperature. It will not leave any residue behind and will keep the dishwasher clean and bacteria-free.

Our Power of 4 Rinse Aid enhances the shine of your dishes and is fast drying. For dishwashers with a salt dispenser, we recommend using our Power of 4 Salt. It helps soften the mineral-rich water of Adelaide.

Inspect Filters And Spray Arms

Filters remove food bits and other items of debris out of the wash water. If they get clogged, your dishwasher can cease to function correctly. Some filters can be easily accessed and removed for regular inspection and cleaning. Others will require disassembling a portion of the dishwashers.

Additionally, the spray arms of the dishwashers should also be inspected. Make sure they are spinning freely, without any obstacles in the way. You should also remove them to check if they are bent or cracked. If the holes are clogged, soak them in warm water. Then, use a screwdriver or something thin to poke them.

Clean The Edges And Exterior

Some parts of the dishwashers, such as the edges around the door do not get washed during a regular cycle. Over time, food spills or detergent residue can accumulate around the sides and the detergent door. You can use a damp cloth to wipe up these spots. For the exterior stainless steel surface, you can use our Power of 4 Kleen Steel. It cleans the surface and helps to repel new marks.

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