The iron is one of the most important appliances in the home, especially for people who are often wearing business shirts, trousers and dresses. Despite its necessity, the features of the humble iron are often overlooked.

It can be tempting to purchase a cheaper iron but we spoke to our Adelaide Appliance Gallery experts to see exactly what you should look for when purchasing a new iron to make sure you get the most out of your clothes and save as much time as possible.

1. What’s in your closet?

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Before you head down to Adelaide Appliance Gallery, we suggest taking a quick peek inside your very own closet.

Do you tend to wear a lot of wool?

Do you have a lot of coats and business shirts that you wear on a daily basis? Do you have formal dresses that you would wear often?

Maybe you tend to have more casual clothes like polo shirts, t-shirts and jeans?

By looking at the types of clothing you normally wear, you will be able to gauge what kind of materials your clothes are made of and what care they will need when it comes to ironing.

Once you know the kind of fabric you favour most, you will be able to focus on selecting the features of an iron that you need the most.

That said, no matter what you have in your wardrobe Laurastar will give you a professional finish on all the garments you own.

You can also take a peek outside your wardrobe too, because a Laurastar ironing system can also help you iron out stubborn creases from curtains, sheets and other haberdashery fabrics you have around the home.

We are big fans of the Laura Star SMART I ironing system because it offers a professional ironing system for domestic use. It has a hygienic steam system which ensures that 99% of bacteria are killed and an active ironing board which ‘breathes’ air which prevents creasing as you iron. The Laura Star SMART I is also the perfect choice for cotton and polyester as it can. easily tackle all the nasty creases on these fabrics with minimum effort.

2. How often do you use your iron?

The next thing that you need to consider when purchasing a new iron is the amount of time you will spend ironing. We always opt for quality so even if you do a small amount of ironing the Laurastar ironing range will be a reliable purchase for your home.

If you do a lot of ironing then it makes sense to invest in a system that is efficient and reliable. That said, even if you only find yourself ironing once or twice a week, the Laurastar range will cut that ironing time in half! It is especially good for those mornings when you forgot to iron your shirt for work- read on to explore the additional features.

3. What additional features are you looking for?

Believe it or not, there is much more to an iron than just a steam feature, in fact the Laurastar range is carefully designed to only protect your clothes but to make ironing far more enjoyable and easier.

Some of the key features of the Laurastar ironing range we have in stock at Adelaide Appliance Gallery include:

  • Patented Dry Steam Technology so your garments are perfectly pressed, without water marks.
  • 20 PSI constant steam pressure. Most irons are only able to offer this pressure in short bursts.
  • 3D Sole plate for a smooth ironing path without the lines.
  • Pulsation short bursts of steam for less moisture in your garments
  • Time saving efficiency. If a normal ironing basket takes 1 hr with Laurastar 20-30 mins
  • Easy to clean 10 hour flush. Simply flush the ironing system once a month or every 10 hours of use for a perfectly clean iron.
  • No need to purchase distilled water as the Laurastar range has an inbuilt granular filtration system. Simply fill from the tap and you’re good to go!

Other features to consider:

The Iron’s Weight

The weight of an iron can improve your ironing experience especially if you find yourself ironing for many hours per week.

The Laurastar SMART M Ironing System has the benefits of a lightweight iron but works like a heavyweight! Laurastar Smart M heats up in 3 minutes, so you don’t have to wait around for it to get hot enough to press away those annoying creases.

The Space you have for storage

Another additional factor to look at is the amount of space you have for an ironing system. The Laurastar SMART U ironing system can be simply rolled away for storage. What’s even more convenient about the Laurastar SMART U is the iron safety box where your appliance can be safely stored free from any untoward incidents.


Last but definitely not least is an iron that has a safety feature. Safety should be among the priorities whenever you’re looking to buy any form of appliance, especially if you have children. The Laurastar ironing systems are equipped with safety features that automatically turn off the system after 15 minutes of inactivity. By doing so, it allows the iron to cool down on its own which reduces the risk of injuries, saves energy, and helps eliminate the chances of an accidental fire breaking out.

Hot Tip!

Laurastar SMART Ironing systems can now connect to your smart phone via an app. It tells you when it is low on water, when to replace the cover or crystals and has instructions and walk throughs demonstrations to help you iron.

It’s easy to head to a department store and pick up a cheaper iron, but we like to remind our customers that you get what you pay for. Often these irons have a very short life and they can do damage to your clothing. If you’re looking for a long term investment which will save you money and keep your clothes alive for longer then Laurastar is the way to go. We have the Laurastar range on display in our Adelaide Appliance Gallery showroom, so why not pop down and we can go through all the details in person. You can also bring in a basket of ironing and we will show you just how easy it is!

Our customer service team at Adelaide Appliance Gallery have been trained by Laurastar and with our in-depth knowledge of the product range, we can help you make the right choice for your home.